We, CINSTECH have experienced the inspection of Chassis at HYMEX in Mexico for 5 years under CEIs organization before, currently performing the inspection of the chassis, Bomb carts, Roll Trailers on behalf of NYK, NA; MOL,NA at SCVC, China as well:
Its major checking points during inspection are as follows:

Shot blasting check in accordance with Sa2.5, Rugo test #3, Bn9a10b
Shop primer check correctly
Dimension checking when shearing / forming the components.
Welding checking , King pin check, components Check.
Sub/Main assemblies check (Jig / Fixtures ), 2nd shot blasting / zinc priming / top coating check
OEM Parts checking
Caulking checks, Electrical checks,
Wheel balance / diagonal check by use of S hook / Tram gauges .Tire pressure check
Functional Checks ( Break, lighting, ABS system )
To witness AAR tests , Securing / packing checks before delivery
Contact for more information : cinstechkorea@yahoo.co.kr