Title Short span test of the floor pursuant to IICL
Name Admin Date 2022-04-21
 Short span test of the floor pursuant to IICL:

As we know; 
as from 2005 in ISO stipulation, the floor test load has been changed from 5,460 kgs to 7,260 kgs (16,000 lbs):
Consequently, the floor quality is a hot potato issuing in the container field currently.
In addition; MGW has also been increased from 24,000 kgs to 30,400 kgs on 20' as well as that of 40' also has been upgraded up-to 32,500 kgs.
Under this situation changed; it's the reason why we have to pay a keen attention on the floor quality so as to guarantee safety and save M&R cost. 

♣ test procedures:

1)  to take floor samples in accordance with IICL standard:

2) a sample specimen [SS] (400 W mm x 500 mm L) spanned onto tow x-mbrs is to be cut out from the floor mounted onto container as diagramed above.

3) 6 pcs of test specimens [ TS ] are to be cut out from the sample specimen [SS]

Note: the reason why the length of TS ( 305 mm ) is that the each span betw X-mbrs shown on the above drawing is less than 305 mm. thus 305 mm has to be enough margin onto the top flange of x-mbrs, which is the same test simulation as ISO floor strength test.

+ all test samples are to be tested by CEI inspector independently at private test lab.;



strength figure


After testing, if the test result is less than 6,900 N ( 1,551 lbs ), it's impossible for the floor to be passed by ISO floor test with wheel truck.

The main reason is that container manufacturer used to intend to apply low grade floor ( 6,000 kgs ), but not high grade ( 7,260 kgs ) required in the spec. to save more cost.

FYI., floor cost difference between 6,000 kgs and 7,260 kgs grades:

Equivalent to 6,000 kgs per 1 CBM  4,200 rmb ( US$656 )

Equivalent to 7,260 kgs per 1 CBM  5,400 rmb ( US$843 )

per 20' DRY;  total floor consumption :0.378 CBM:

equivalent to 6,000 kgs grade: US$248, while that of 7,260 kgs grade: US$318

Thus, container manufacturer can save it per unit at US$70.00 a unit in case they apply 6,000 kgs grade as of Apr., 2022


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