Title CSC convention on mini tricon 6'5.5''
Name Admin Date 2022-11-11
 CSC convention on mini 6'5.5" special container:

Since the CSC stipulation is for container's strength and transportation to oversea without any of accident during its usage; to follow its standard is quite essential. especially for special NON ISO containers, it regards as paramount point to comply with CSC code:

a) for permanent character:

As shown on the photos attached as belows; couplers applied into top / bottom corner castings ( total 4 pcs on one side  connection between 2 containers ) whose coupler can be controled easily by use of 2 fingers while those are locked into the corner castings.

In this view; this is not a permanent character.




 3 individual 6'5.5" containers are being connected by use of total 8 pcs of couplers to make a 20' unit for those lifting up to transport:

   this device ( 2 pcs. main body ) is secured by use of bolts / nuts, at the center, the lever positioned can lock cones into the both corner castings, on the basis of the center lever; one side cone can be locked into the corner castings when the lever is pulled backwards by 90 degree while the lever is pushed foreward by 90 degree under another cone is to be locked into corner castings.

However, there're NO permanent locking device for the center lever after having both cones been locked to avoid any moving of lever.

In this reason, the lever is very easy to move in case they are possible hit by an object during handling.


lever positioned by 90 degree under one side cone turned / locked into corner casting.

If any coupler is defective ( bolt / nut loose ) and its lever is released; each container is easily dismantled as you can imagine.

Consequently; this is regarded as NON permanent character.

 d) Area:


 2.438 m ( width ) x 1.968 M ( length ) = 4.8 M²

For which this is at the least less than 7 m² required. thus this container is out of CSC convention.

Written by Henry