Title T-floor welding bead strength test ( TIG / MIG )
Name Admin Date 2014-05-24
 AA) MIG welding:
+Welding type: MIG
+Welding parameters: Amp: 240 ~260 Gun Speed: 1.89 m / Min
+ Sample size: 30 mm length



    over YP point at T-floor ( mother material ), but NOT welding bead

  welding smog

  9456 N


  M#!: 9131 N, M#2: 8631 N, M#3: 9456 N, M#4: 9570 N & M#5: 9813 N

  BB ( TIG )
+Welding type: TIG
+Welding parameters: Amp: 480~490 Gun Speed: 1.57 m / Min
+ Sample size: 30 mm length

   6 welding beads: 2 samples each bead= 12 pcs sampled


   Over YP point at the center of welding bead different in comparison with MCIQ
    broken surface



   C#1: 2470 N     C#2: 2650 N    C#3: 2758 N      C#4:2531 N
  C#5: 2525 N     C#6: 2580 N     C#7:2274 N       C#8:2363 N
  C#9: 2318 N     C#10:2038 N    C#11: 2087 N     C#12:2170 N

 Technical Opinion:

On the basis of actual sampling & physical test results; we are of the opinion that MIG ( Metal Inert Gas ) welding is about 3 times stronger than TIG ( Tungsten Inert Gas ).
However, burnt smog was created additionally on the periphery of welding beads of T-floor.
In addition; production cost by TIG is much lower than MIG as well.

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