Title Short span test of the floor pursuant to IICL
Name Admin Date 2014-07-18
Short span test of the floor pursuant to IICL:

As we know; as from 2005 in ISO stipulation, the floor test load has been changed from 5,460 kgs to 7,260 kgs:
Consequently, the floor quality is a hot potato issuing in the container field currently.
In addition; MGW has also been increased from 24,000 kgs to 30,400 kgs on 20' as well as that of 40' also has been upgraded up-to 32,500 kgs.
Under this situation changed; it's the reason why we have to pay a keen attention on the floor quality so as to guarantee safety and save M&R cost. 

Note: to let factory note the quality of the floor directly soon after testing during production everyday; this is very high effect to get a high qualified floor from floor supplier; eg., in case of lower grade floor upon testing ( below 6,900 N ), we, CEI will inform of test figure to container manufacturer & floor supplier immediately in order that both parties are to change them as the new ones.

♣ test procedures:
+ to take floor samples in accordance with IICL standard:

+ all samples are to be tested by CEI inspector independently at private test lab.;



  strength figure

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