Title Floor test load comparison betw IICL short span sample test vs ISO floor test
Name Admin Date 2014-08-12

As aforementioned connotatively:
to keep a high quality of the floor board in the production line can't be too emphasized always to save repair cost by owner in the course of usage of container in depot,

As time goes by, the supplier becomes so more manipulated to deal something toward their purpose that inspector has to more special attention and smart than the factory; so called, like a proverb; as if there's a one flying above running person.
In addition; as we are well aware of,
" Charles Darwin, the Survival of the Fittest " ( ), the reason why I highlight this is that in this container field, while this sector is small & limited in comparison with wide / big human society: the principle is unchangeable, manufacturer's mind / idea to save cost has been changed / evolved, eg., issuing from steel material, zinc primer purity, its DFT to Floor quality currently. anyone who aims to get a profit, is very natural to try something to survive. Hence inspector on behalf of client to protect their asset is utterly essential to be more than smart, skillful technically ,strategically and tactically...

The following simple engineering figure calculated by mechanical formula is for your easy understand and makes you being confident:



 Force: 6,900N ( 703.8 kgf)           

  I=ab3/12 = 50*193/12 = 28579.16667 mm4
  E=1010 N/m2
  Deflection: ymax =FL3/(48EI)
= 6900 * (225 mm)3/ (48 *1010 N/m2*28579.16667 mm4)
= 5.7mm

2. Floor Test

  Force: 35,600N ( 3,631 kgf ) : 7,260 kgs ( ISO requirement with 2 wheels )
  + 221 mm= 266-45 m
  + 180 mm= ISO test truck 
      wheel width  

 I=ab3/12 = 180*193 /12 = 102885 mm4
 E=1010 N/m2
 Deflection: ymax =Fl3/(192EI)
=35600 * (221 mm)3 / (192*1010 N/m2*102885 mm4)

♣ Technical conclusion:
     As shown above deflections calculated: IICL sample test condition is more severe than ISO floor test condition, consequently, in case sample test figure resulted by over 6,900 N, the floor quality to withstand ISO floor test load by 7,260 kgs is quite acceptable.


( as per ISO floor test procedure )

+180mm: ISO floor test truck wheel width
+35,600 N: force by 1 wheel of ISO test truck ( 35,600N x 0.102 ( concert to Kgf)=3,631 kgf;
   7,260 kgs ( ISO test truck weight ) ÷ 2 wheels = 3,630 kgs
+ 80 mm: wheel contact surface area ( ISO stipulates it by 142 , 18 x 7.9 )
+266 : span dimension between x-mbrs
+45 : X-mbr flange width
Pressure: 2.47 x 106 N/M2

 ( Pursuant to IICL test procedure )

Pressure: 9.2 x 106 N/M2

9,300 ~ 11,612 N actually after having tested

Technical Opinion:
      The pressure of sample( 6,900 n ) required by IICL is about 4 times bigger than the pressure of floor during   ISO floor test

+ 6,900 N ( 703.8 kgf ) : force

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